Our team in São Paulo has pledged support to four programs – all of which provide practical relief to vulnerable sectors of the community in Brazil.

Families provided with food, hygiene and cleaning products
The Advent Relief Fund is donating to União São Paulo, which aims to prevent Covid-19 causing a humanitarian crisis in the state of São Paulo. The money will be used to distribute food, hygiene and cleaning products to more than 66,000 families living in deprived circumstances in the region.
In Rio de Janeiro, União Rio is overseeing the Rio Contra Corona program to minimize the impact of the virus in the state. Our donation will ensure more than 33,000 families receive vital food, hygiene and cleaning products.
Our grant to Hospital das Clinicas, the main public hospital in São Paulo, will fund the hiring of 140 emergency-care doctors for a three-month period. The program is being run in association with SMA, an organization that provides anesthesia and pain-treatment services in the city’s hospitals.
In addition, Advent has pledged a significant donation to the Instituto Conhecer para Conservar, an institute run by our portfolio company Grupo Cataratas. The Institute was founded with the aim of bringing humankind and nature closer together through environmental education and sustainable development. The funding will provide the distribution of food parcels for more than 10,000 families in deprived communities that are located nearby Cataratas parks (eg. slums near the Christ the Redeemer Statue). Those families are fully dependent on the economic activity of the parks, which are currently closed due to Covid-19.