In Colombia, The Advent Global Relief Fund (AGRF) is prioritizing two fronts: the healthcare system response to the crisis, and vulnerable populations affected by the economic slowdown.

Low-income families supported by The Vulnerable Population Initiative
We are doing so by supporting two initiatives – one led by ProBogotá (a non-profit supported by large business that works to improve the city) and the other by the Mayor of Bogotá’s office.
The health initiative with ProBogotá, aims to raise $7.5 million – $8.5 million in crisis funding. This money will be used to add 150 ICU beds to the district health system (Bogotá has currently ~1,000 beds) and acquire approximately 25,000 testing kits.
The Vulnerable Population Initiative, led by the Mayor’s office, is raising funds locally and internationally to guarantee a minimum income for those impacted by the crisis. Around 350,000 low-income families will receive $100 a month, while a further 150,000 families at risk of falling into poverty will receive $45.
The AGRF decided to focus efforts on Bogotá, the epicenter of the Covid-19 crisis in Colombia, and selected the initiatives for their impact, credibility and openness.