British aerospace company Cobham, a part of the Advent community, is heavily committed to the global fight against Covid-19.


Manufacturing capacity for ventilator regulator units per day

Cobham has been able to redeploy its aerospace expertise to successfully modify the hardware used for oxygen systems in military aircraft to create an air pressure regulator.
This regulator can be used in a ventilator system to precisely control the flow of oxygen to the patient. Working with a UK-based consortium – and subject to regulatory approval – Cobham has the capacity to manufacture up to 1,000 of these regulator units each day, helping to alleviate the current shortage of ventilators in UK hospitals.
In addition, Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions has announced increased requests for specialized circuits technology which can be used in the rapid analysis of coronavirus samples and in helping to diagnose and treat coronavirus patients within hospital wards and intensive care units.
The Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) produced by Cobham are proving vital in uncovering the secrets of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes Covid-19. These circuits are an essential component in the devices being used to discover the genomic sequence of the virus, producing important insights into how it is transmitted and the ways in which it can evolve over time.
ASICs are also used by a leading provider of computed tomography (CT) scanners, which are relied upon in hospitals across the world to help with the diagnosis of respiratory conditions. The company has recently noted an increase of almost a third in the demand for its medical ASIC products.
Cobham is global leader in defence, space and aerospace technology, headquartered in the United Kingdom.