In an effort to protect workers at essential businesses such as supermarkets, pharmacies and banks, Röhm has ramped up its production of PLEXIGLAS®. 

Employees dedicated to the production of protective screens
Manufactured into screens, PLEXIGLAS® serves as a transparent shield between staff and customers at the point of sale, mitigating the spread of the virus.
Since March, demand for PLEXIGLAS® screens has increased dramatically and is currently up to 10x higher than usual. Röhm has responded by introducing a four shift model working around the clock and dedicating more than 150 employees solely to the production of protective screens. As the largest and integrated producer in mainland Europe with significant operations in the US and China, Röhm is aware of its critical role as a supplier of acrylic sheets to prevent the spread of the virus. Röhm is continuously working on increasing its production capacities in order to support as many customers as possible in protecting their employees and customers, while at the same time ensuring highest safety standards of its own employees.
Going forward, management is confident to be able to offer cost effective protection solutions for various non-essential businesses including restaurants, driving schools, hairdressers and nail studios, but also to increase workplace safety in industrial production and in offices. As such, PLEXIGLAS® may play a role in a safer and thus faster relaxation of the current lock-down measures.