In order to alleviate the pressure on students during the quarantine period, Brazilian education leader YDUQS is offering a selection of free online education courses.

Full scholarships / special grants supported
YDUQS is the second-largest further education company in Brazil with more than 300,000 students spread across 59 campuses. The company has undertaken a number of initiatives under its core Estácio brand to ensure continuity during this period of unprecedented disruption for students.
Economic Support 
Estácio recently announced a total of 20,000 full scholarships and another 20,000 special funding grants for its Rio de Janeiro state students. It is amongst the most comprehensive and bold education support programs in the country to date, and it has established the baseline for a nation-wide dialogue among universities, students and their families. The special program was conceived and designed to benefit those who need it the most – students in exposed financial conditions and those that have lost their jobs due to the current crisis. 
Open Courses 
Proactively mitigating the harsh economic conditions and rising unemployment Brazil is likely to face in the next months, Estácio is offering 30+ free online courses for those who want to spend part of their quarantine improving their professional and technical skills. The courses were directly extracted from the company’s last-generation undergraduate program portfolio. Participating in these free online courses also provides a sustainable way to overcome social restrictions and isolation. More than 125,000 users are already enrolled. 
Digital Internship and Other Benefits
In a further effort to help people into jobs, Estácio has rerouted several of its career options to digital channels, allowing students to apply via online recruitment processes. At this point, the institution is offering nearly 1,000 internship offers per week. Estácio has also negotiated preferential deals with 4G and hardware providers to ensure students have the necessary resources to attend online classes. 
Resolve Sim
Estácio has teamed up with Eleva Educação, another leading Brazilian education provider, to launch Resolve Sim, an online education platform for final-year students preparing to go to university. The advanced digital learning platform comprises 48 full lessons in eight key knowledge areas and is intended to serve over one million students. 
Formou Esperança
Formou Esperança is a social movement designed to carry messages of hope to millions of people across Brazil and the rest of the world. It was launched in spectacular fashion with messages of hope projected on to the Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer), Rio de Janeiro’s most iconic symbol. The project also includes a series of local initiatives, including the distribution of food and basic hygiene items to deprived communities in Brazil.