Rapid Covid-19 response enabled AccentCare to better protect patients, caregivers and staff.

Staff provided training to identify symptoms
Advent portfolio company AccentCare has mounted a strong response to the Covid-19 crisis, with efforts aimed at safeguarding its staff and all its patients and service users.
Thanks to AccentCare’s emergency planning, the home healthcare services provider was able to quickly tackle the challenge of procuring personal protective equipment for staff – an industry-wide concern at a time of international shortage.
To ensure supplies are available where they are needed most, AccentCare performed a system-wide inventory of its supplies and instituted a new system to move equipment to wherever it is in demand. Plans are in place to procure additional provisions from non-traditional sources, such as suppliers to industrial and waste-management companies, ensuring patients and caregivers will continue to be protected.
Under a new AccentCare protocol, unplanned exposure is mitigated for both caregivers and patients. First, caregivers are obliged to perform and document a self-symptom check before visiting patients. Second, to ensure that caregivers enter the home with proper precautions, three levels of screenings and attestations prior to each home visit are performed, collecting relevant information about travel, potential local exposure, and symptoms.
As part of its emergency response, the company launched a campaign to train all 25,000 of its care professionals to identify these symptoms, to disinfect surfaces, to properly wash their hands and to use personal protective equipment.
AccentCare is also helping to alleviate strain on hospitals by working with health systems to take in Covid-19 patient discharges, freeing up valuable beds.
In its support for employees, AccentCare leads the home health industry by example. Frontline clinical staff, as part of the Covid-19 Response Team, receive enhanced pay stipends, as well as, any who test positive for the virus are offered a $2,000 indemnity benefit, a medical out of pocket benefit and incremental paid time off. Also, leadership established a transparent, regular communication cadence to all employees, sending daily emails from CEO Steve Rodgers, texts, video, and web resources. Steve’s first employee video, filmed at Covid’s onset, can be found here. Through accountable communication, AccentCare has hardwired the commitment to “meet the challenge, together.”
AccentCare brought the voice of its caregivers forward, to elevate understanding of Covid while reinforcing its cultural values. The digital video series Real Talk, Real Care features the voice of frontline nurses, therapists, chaplains, and care partners. During these short interviews, AccentCare’s caregivers reflect on their personal Call to Purpose as well as their recent experiences serving Covid-19 patients.
On a local scale, employees have been encouraged to take even small steps to improve service users’ lives. Texas Home Health, an AccentCare subsidiary that provides services for seniors throughout the state, sent staff to Mayberry Gardens Senior Home in Denton to stage a piano singalong from the parking lot, which residents could watch from their windows. Similar heart-warming, media-attracting scenes have played out all across AccentCare’s markets.