Our Peruvian team has committed to two charities to help alleviate the basic needs of those suffering extreme poverty and to ensure brave hospital staff have the protection they require.


PPE packs for frontline workers

The economic impact of the Covid-19 crisis has plunged those on the margins in Peru into an even more desperate situation. Banco de Alimentos del Peru is an established Peruvian foodbank and part of the Global Foodbanking Network. It helps take surplus food from shops, markets and individuals and distribute it to those most in need. During the crisis, it continues to play a critical role in meeting the basic needs of struggling families. The Advent donation will provide food and hygiene packs for 30,000 families for a month.
Founded in 2011, Fundación OLI, is a Peruvian organization that channels capital and resources to charity organisations involved in health, culture, education, the environment and poverty reduction. At this time of acute need for personal protection for the brave healthcare workers fighting on the frontline, the charity is coordinating efforts to ensure that the right kit gets to where it is needed. The Advent commitment will provide PPE packs for 1,000 staff in public hospitals across Peru.