Company’s interactive map mitigates risk of emergency units being overrun by patients.

Portfolio company Definitive Healthcare is a trusted source for accurate data, intelligence and analytics on the healthcare provider market. Its product suite provides comprehensive, high-quality data for 2,500 clients, supplying them with the information needed to effectively segment and research the market.
When the coronavirus hit the US, Definitive Healthcare recognized it had a unique ability to create insightful analytics and empower good decision making. The company combined its proprietary ICU and ventilator data with public information about population distribution, Covid-19 cases, and Covid-19 testing to create a valuable new tool: The Covid-19 Capacity Predictor.
The Capacity Predictor uses epidemiological information on the spread of the virus, combined with modeled growth functions, to predict the number of severe cases, and thus demand for medical resources.
Matching its projections of demand with its proprietary data on the supply of ICU beds and ventilators available, the Covid-19 Capacity Predictor dashboard can zero in on a state or county and project the number of days until current resources in the healthcare system are maxed out.  
If they chose to use it, the data enables Public officials at all levels of government – as well as healthcare organizations providing the beds and ventilators –  to make swift judgments on where to channel additional resources to where they are likely to be most needed.
Definitive Healthcare is headquartered in Framingham, Massachusetts.