Indian biopharma company appraises two existing products and new antibody for therapy.

Advent portfolio company Bharat Serums and Vaccines (BSV) has launched an effort to determine which of its medications could help patients infected with Covid-19.
Two currently marketed therapies – Utryp and Alveofact – may provide supportive therapy to patients with coronavirus disease.
UTryp (Ulinastatin) is a serine protease inhibitor that reduces the pro-inflammatory response as a result of sepsis, acute pancreatitis, trauma or surgery. Alveofact, a natural pulmonary surfactant, is typically used in patients with respiratory distress syndrome.
BSV is also looking at a novel therapeutic polyclonal antibody, which could be evaluated for its benefits to some Covid-19 patients. The company aims to speed up the evaluation and approval process to as little as six months by seeking approval from authorities to move ahead with clinical development.
In a parallel initiative, the company has been educating Indian doctors on some of the emerging Covid-19 therapies that are being developed around the world, leveraging global experts as knowledge partners.
Founded in 1971, BSV is one of India’s fastest-growing biopharmaceutical companies. The company researches, develops, manufactures and markets biological, pharmaceutical and biotech products. It has more than 900 employees and is headquartered in Mumbai.