Safe, contact-less payments made easy for merchants by Italian payment solutions company.

Nexi joins Italian national Digital Solutions Project to help merchants and citizens manage through the Covid-19 crisis

Nexi, an electronic payments company, is providing a raft of initiatives to support Italian merchants as they face the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.
During Italy’s nationwide lockdown, with all stores except for pharmacies and food outlets closed, people and businesses need electronic solutions for everything from school, to banking, to everyday purchases.
Nexi has joined the Digital Solutions Project, sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Technological Innovation and Digitization, along with many other Italian banks. This Project hosts a new website with initiatives offered by operators, companies and associations throughout the country to mitigate the effects on citizens of the coronavirus emergency.
Nexi launched two new payment acceptance solutions, enabling small and medium-sized retailers to transform their distribution models in a few days from pure physical stores to call&collect or home delivery models, up to social commerce. To make mobile point-of-sale payments possible for businesses wishing to provide customers with a home delivery service, Nexi Welcome offers a mobile point-of-sale solution with zero monthly fees until the end of June.
Another solution, Nexi Pay-by-Link, offers a service that makes it easy for businesses to accept instant remote payments without the need for an e-commerce website. Pay-by-Link enables the call&collect business, as well as the social commerce business, with no additional cost for the merchants.
For the post-lockdown phase, Nexi is helping to make all payment solutions more affordable by refunding commissions for all payments under €10 from March until end of December.
Nexi is also supporting the creation of Fiera Milano Hospital, an entirely new intensive care facility in Milan that is dedicated to Covid-19 patients. The company has made a corporate donation to the hospital and is pledging to match donations by employees and clients up to a total of €1million.
Headquartered in Milan, the Nexi Group, the market leader in Italy, provides payment solutions to banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, merchants, businesses and public bodies. Its services range from cards and payment acceptance technologies to money transfers and the management of highly complex technical services for corporate banking.