Three charities backed in China offering support to healthcare professionals.

Medical masks donated
Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in December 2019, China has been at the forefront of developing treatments and initiating the extreme social measures that we are now seeing around the world to bring it under control. At the head of this effort from the start have been dedicated healthcare professionals who have battled day-and-night in completely unprecedented circumstances. To help support this effort, our Chinese team has made donations to three foundations that are heavily involved in supporting the ongoing work of hospitals and frontline medical staff.
The Hubei Charity Federation(“HBCF”) is the official government foundation for Wuhan city in Hubei province, ground-zero in the outbreak of this global pandemic. From the start, the Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan has fought to contain the outbreak, treating thousands of Covid-19 patients and dealing with high infection rates amongst its medical staff. The Hospital head, Dingyu Zhang became a nationwide hero and has led a staff of more than 500 physicians, nurses and volunteers in the city’s three-month battle against the virus. Our donation to HBCF has been allocated to the Jinyintan Hospital to support the medical staff in their ongoing battle.
The Shanghai Charity Foundation (“SCF”) is the official channel for Covid-19 relief and epidemic control efforts in Shanghai and is also supporting charitable activities to Hubei province. It has recently been at the forefront of epidemic control against the spate of new imported cases in the city.
Our final donation is to The Shanghai United Foundation (“SUF”), a ten-year old institution that is now running Covid-19 relief efforts across the country. The Foundation is prioritising efforts on medical staff, patients, children, local community relief and healthcare professionals. So far, the SUF has completed 18 anti-epidemic public welfare projects and is implementing 22 more. It also provided anti-epidemic materials for 138 rural kindergartens and primary schools in China with its ‘Handwashing Project’. So far, SUF has donated a total of 5,000 pieces of medical protective glasses or protective masks, 73,000 pairs of medical gloves, 13,000 pieces of medical protective suits, 620,000 medical masks, 600 disinfection lamps and food supplies. Our donation has helped support SUF’s current initiative – providing PPE to Suifenhe port of entry and other cities in Heilongjiang province, where hundreds of new cases were reported in April.