Network service provider ensures critical users receive priority service during pandemic.


Printers used to manufacture face masks

As individuals and businesses adapt to staying at home and working remotely, Circet is doing all it can to keep communications up and running.
With the Covid-19 pandemic causing a significant increase in data use, Circet is continuing to maintain and upgrade internet and telecom networks across Europe.
What’s more, the company is making sure that critical users – such as hospitals and nursing homes – receive priority service.
In France, Circet has given precedence to emergency upgrades and repair works for hospitals and care homes. Here, a reliable internet connection is vital to allow doctors to work effectively, and to help elderly residents keep in touch with their families.
In the UK and the Republic of Ireland, Circet is using the rounds made by its engineers to help with the delivery of supplies to pharmacies and health centers.
In Spain, Circet has turned over its 3D printing capabilities to the manufacture of protective face masks for frontline healthcare workers. The company has arranged for several of its branches to donate this equipment to local hospitals.
Circet is Europe’s leading telecommunications network services provider. It offers network deployment and maintenance services for fixed and mobile telecommunications operators, local authorities, equipment vendors and key accounts. The company has operations in France, Germany, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Morocco.