Businesses can sign up for commission from the hair brand during the coronavirus shutdown.


Salons supported by this initiative

Hair-care brand Olaplex is supporting the thousands of US salons forced to shut their doors during the Covid-19 pandemic and the hairstylists left without income.
There are approximately 80,000 hair and spa salons in the United States, employing some 800,000 professionals. The industry has been hard-hit by the pandemic, with shelter-in-place orders requiring premises to close in many parts of the country.
Under one new program, the Salon Support Gift Card Program, the company will match the value of Olaplex gift cards that affiliated salons sell to their clients. The scheme will support up to 2,000 participating businesses, which can register their interest on the Olaplex website.
Another new program is aimed at helping hairstylists more directly. Led by the CEO and COO, Olaplex wanted to support the strong loyalty bond between salon clients and their hairstylists throughout this period of widespread closures. Through the new Professional Affiliate Program, salon clients can purchase Olaplex products retail on the company website, and hairdressers will gain 35 percent of the sale while their salons are closed.
In a further effort to boost spirits and enable stylists to learn new skills during this downtime, Olaplex quickly organized a two-day Virtual Hair Show to substitute for the in-person hair shows and conferences that would normally have taken place. The Hair Show consisted of 30-minute classes, from 10am to as late as 9pm, involving hair techniques, business advice, photography, and social media skills” for more than 100,000 hairstylists. A dozen different companies from all over the world were able to showcase their products, brands and talent.
Based in Santa Barbara, Califorina, Olaplex is one of the largest independent hair brands in the world. The company was founded in 2014 by beauty industry veterans Dean and Darcy Christal, bringing to market a revolutionary technology to protect and repair hair.