Clinic network keeps doors open to provide emergency cover and relieve pressure on the public health services during lockdown.

Owned clinics left open to provide emergency treatment
Spanish oral health group Vitaldent has been working to ensure emergency dental care is available to everyone who needs it during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Since the Spanish Government declared a State of Alarm on March 14, the Advent portfolio company has worked to care for patients and help relieve pressure on public healthcare services.
Vitaldent kept 24 dental clinics open to provide urgent treatment during the coronavirus emergency – including at least one in each of Spain’s Autonomous Communities. This in-person care was supplemented by the provision of free telematic patient care for less urgent cases, delivered by corporate medical practitioners via Vitaldent’s Contact Center.
Lastly, the company made its entire network of Spanish clinics available to public authorities, for the provision of dental treatment and wider non-Covid-19-related healthcare services, as needed. In doing so, the company aimed to help reduce the volume of medical emergencies being treated at public hospitals and clinics, so those resources could be focused on Covid-19 patients.
On May 11, when most regions of Spain embarked on the first phase of loosening the emergency regulations, Vitaldent reopened all of its clinics in Spain. All Vitaldent clinics are now following a special post-Covid-19 safety protocol, designed to protect patients, staff and clinic equipment.
The precautions now in force include taking the temperature of all patients as they enter a clinic, maintaining a mandatory safety distance between people in waiting areas, and providing individual protective equipment for employees and patients to wear during appointments.
The ability to respond quickly, maintain essential services during the lockdown and reopen the entire network quickly and securely, is testament to the strength of the management team and employees of Vitaldent. They have worked tirelessly throughout to balance patient service with patient and employee safety.
Vitaldent is a leading dental services provider in Southern Europe, with an extensive network of clinics across Spain and Italy. Its Spanish operation comprises around 300 owned and franchised surgeries, the largest network in the market. The company offers a wider range of services, including general odontology, surgery and implants, endodontics, dental aesthetics, prosthesis orthodontics and paediatric dentistry.