Retail company launches drive to fund food baskets for those impacted by coronavirus.

Food baskets targeted
To help mitigate the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, Brazilian retail chain Quero-Quero is aiming to provide 30,000 food baskets for individuals and families in need.
The Advent portfolio company has launched the Desafio do Bem (Good Challenge) program to raise money for the initiative. Directors and employees of Quero-Quero have donated to the cause, and their contribution has been matched by Advent.
The initiative is being rolled out in Quero-Quero outlets in the 280 municipalities where they are located across southern Brazil. The company has been able to retain its six thousand employees during the outbreak.
Customers can donate instore, by visiting the Desafio do Bem website, or via the company’s VerdeCard credit card app.
Quero-Quero is the market leader home-improvement retailer in Southern Brazil with more than 350 stores in the region. It is headquartered in Cachoeirinha, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.