Outpatient care provider builds up extra intensive-care capacity to safeguard hospitals.

iPads provided to elderly care homes, helping residents stay in touch with their families during lockdown

Advent portfolio company DFG-Bonitas is Germany’s largest outpatient care supplier. During the first months of the coronavirus outbreak in Europe, the company ramped up capacity in its intensive care groups, helping hospitals keep vital ICU beds free for potential Covid-19 patients.
The German healthcare provider approached hospitals at the start of the outbreak with the offer to increase capacity – making it less likely they would be overwhelmed by any spike in demand caused by the virus.
DFG-Bonitas has also prepared coronavirus care units for its own patients who may become infected with the virus. These specialist units provide separate areas for staff to put on protective equipment and disinfect themselves.
In addition, the company has provided iPads to its elderly care homes, making it easier for residents to stay in touch with their families during the lockdown period.
DFG-Bonitas was formed from a business combination of Deutsche Fachpflege Gruppe – the country’s leading provider of out-of-hospital intensive care – and Bonitas, a nationwide nursing network specializing in outpatient critical care.