British tech firm takes decisive action to reopen plants with full raft of protective measures.

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Laird’s plants placed in the top 10% of all factories that had resumed production by the Chinese government

Laird, a British technology business, has been praised for the resilience of its Chinese operation in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.
The company was able to return 98 percent of its workforce to their jobs by February 28, after putting appropriate safeguards in place. The company received widespread recognition from local and national news sources for its swift reopening of factories closed down by the virus in January 2020.
The rapid return to operation was made possible through a recovery plan executed across Laird’s four factories, with the help of a specially convened Covid task force. An early priority was securing ample supplies of protective masks, which were mailed to employees during the Chinese New Year break.
The task force maintained close contact with the workforce, answering questions and allaying fears. Workers were reassured that they would be paid even if they were unable to come to work. Suppliers were also kept informed about the recovery plan, ensuring orders were not cancelled.
New protective measures on the factory floor include staggering start times and breaks, disinfecting the plant, taking the temperature of workers twice daily, and installing partitions to separate employees by at least 1.5 meters.
Throughout the process, the company consulted with the Chinese government, which sent a hospital team to audit the Covid mitigation program. It placed Laird’s plants in the top 10% of all factories that had resumed production.
Laird has incorporated the lessons learned in China into its working practices at other locations – including sites across Europe and North America. It has also been able to share valuable insights about how to tackle Covid-19 with other companies in the Advent portfolio.
Laird is a global engineering technology group that provides solutions in the fields of electromagnetic integrity, thermal performance and connectivity.