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Producing, supplying and donating essential sanitizer to those who need it most

Hand sanitizer is one of the world’s most important resources right now – so our portfolio companies have stepped up to the plate and begun producing vital supplies to help the global effort. Watch the video to find out more about what allnex, Zentiva, Culligan International and Manjushree Technopack Limited (MTL) have been doing.

Rubix helps fast-track ventilator production and distributes protective gear Europe-wide

Leading industrial distribution company works through the night to create critical components solution in just 24 hours.


Medical visors produced for the NHS each day

Rubix was called upon to lend its expertise to support the government’s fast-track effort to manufacture ventilators in the UK. Precision engineering business Naysmyth Group sought Rubix’s help to find a solution that could create critical components in just 24 hours. Rubix met the deadline, manufacturing bespoke cutting-tool inserts through the night.
As an industrial distribution business with a pan-European footprint, Rubix is also ideally placed to help in the global fight against the coronavirus pandemic.
Many of its international operations have been helping their communities obtain much-needed personal protective equipment (PPE). In one example, Rubix France has arranged for its branches to donate face masks to local pharmacies, nursing homes and clinics.
Rubix Iberia has been donating face masks, gloves, coveralls and safety glasses to hospitals near its PPE warehouses in Bilbao and Girona, northern Spain. Its fabric workshop in La Rioja has also donated textiles for use in making protective gowns for hospitals in the area.
In the United Kingdom, Rubix UK has created “grab bags” of essential PPE that colleagues can give to friends or relatives who work for the National Health Service. Meanwhile, the Rubix team at the Royal Mint has helped to source components for around 4,000 medical visors being produced for the NHS each day.
Rubix Benelux has provided thousands of protective masks to care institutions that have indicated a need for them, through its branches in the Netherlands and Belgium.
Rubix is Europe’s largest supplier of industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) products and services. Headquartered in London, the company has a presence in more than 750 locations across 22 countries.

Nexi gears its offering to merchants’ needs in pandemic

Safe, contact-less payments made easy for merchants by Italian payment solutions company.

Nexi joins Italian national Digital Solutions Project to help merchants and citizens manage through the Covid-19 crisis

Nexi, an electronic payments company, is providing a raft of initiatives to support Italian merchants as they face the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.
During Italy’s nationwide lockdown, with all stores except for pharmacies and food outlets closed, people and businesses need electronic solutions for everything from school, to banking, to everyday purchases.
Nexi has joined the Digital Solutions Project, sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Technological Innovation and Digitization, along with many other Italian banks. This Project hosts a new website with initiatives offered by operators, companies and associations throughout the country to mitigate the effects on citizens of the coronavirus emergency.
Nexi launched two new payment acceptance solutions, enabling small and medium-sized retailers to transform their distribution models in a few days from pure physical stores to call&collect or home delivery models, up to social commerce. To make mobile point-of-sale payments possible for businesses wishing to provide customers with a home delivery service, Nexi Welcome offers a mobile point-of-sale solution with zero monthly fees until the end of June.
Another solution, Nexi Pay-by-Link, offers a service that makes it easy for businesses to accept instant remote payments without the need for an e-commerce website. Pay-by-Link enables the call&collect business, as well as the social commerce business, with no additional cost for the merchants.
For the post-lockdown phase, Nexi is helping to make all payment solutions more affordable by refunding commissions for all payments under €10 from March until end of December.
Nexi is also supporting the creation of Fiera Milano Hospital, an entirely new intensive care facility in Milan that is dedicated to Covid-19 patients. The company has made a corporate donation to the hospital and is pledging to match donations by employees and clients up to a total of €1million.
Headquartered in Milan, the Nexi Group, the market leader in Italy, provides payment solutions to banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, merchants, businesses and public bodies. Its services range from cards and payment acceptance technologies to money transfers and the management of highly complex technical services for corporate banking.

Zentiva boosts production to aid Covid-19 effort

Czech generic drug company supplies increased volume of vital medicines and new brand of sanitizer.

Increase in production
Early in the coronavirus outbreak in Europe, Zentiva quickly adjusted its production plans to meet the needs of the public and healthcare workers in combatting the disease.
The company radically increased production of vital supplies for use in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic – and converted some manufacturing operations to produce a new sanitizer product.
In the Czech Republic, the company’s new branded sanitizer spray – “Anti-COVID” – is helping to check the spread of Covid-19. The product has an alcohol content of more than 80%, making it suitable for use on personal items and surfaces such as door handles, as well as for disinfecting hands.
To meet exceptionally high demand in local hospitals and pharmacies during the outbreak, Zentiva Romania has increased production of sodium metamizole, the primary active ingredient in the painkiller Algocalmin. Zentiva has succeeded in increasing production of sodium metamizole by up to 300%.
The company has already boosted its manufacturing of other analgesics such as paracetamol in response to the pandemic and is maintaining the production of drugs for other chronic illnesses.
Headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, Zentiva produces high-quality, affordable medicines for patients in Europe and beyond. With more than 4,000 employees and a network of production sites – including flagship facilities in Prague and Bucharest, Romania – it is a leading producer of branded generic drugs and over-the-counter products

Bharat Serums and Vaccines applies its product portfolio to Covid-19

Indian biopharma company appraises two existing products and new antibody for therapy.

Advent portfolio company Bharat Serums and Vaccines (BSV) has launched an effort to determine which of its medications could help patients infected with Covid-19.
Two currently marketed therapies – Utryp and Alveofact – may provide supportive therapy to patients with coronavirus disease.
UTryp (Ulinastatin) is a serine protease inhibitor that reduces the pro-inflammatory response as a result of sepsis, acute pancreatitis, trauma or surgery. Alveofact, a natural pulmonary surfactant, is typically used in patients with respiratory distress syndrome.
BSV is also looking at a novel therapeutic polyclonal antibody, which could be evaluated for its benefits to some Covid-19 patients. The company aims to speed up the evaluation and approval process to as little as six months by seeking approval from authorities to move ahead with clinical development.
In a parallel initiative, the company has been educating Indian doctors on some of the emerging Covid-19 therapies that are being developed around the world, leveraging global experts as knowledge partners.
Founded in 1971, BSV is one of India’s fastest-growing biopharmaceutical companies. The company researches, develops, manufactures and markets biological, pharmaceutical and biotech products. It has more than 900 employees and is headquartered in Mumbai.

allnex helps partner firm overcome hand sanitizer shortage

Resins company produces vital disinfectant for Germany’s largest intensive care provider.


Hand sanitizer to be donated
each month

allnex, an Advent portfolio company based in Frankfurt, Germany, is helping to tackle the country’s acute shortage of hand sanitizers – a vital weapon in the fight against Covid-19.
As the pandemic increased demand for hand sanitizer throughout Europe, the German Chemical Association (VCI) and European Chemical Association (ECHA) encouraged their members to help by supplying sanitizing solution to public healthcare systems and other institutions.
The allnex facility at Hamburg was already manufacturing a hand sanitizing solution to provide for the needs of its own employees, having found it had the right chemicals on site to produce it. The company quickly contacted officials to offer wider support.
allnex established contact with DFG-Bonitas – Germany’s largest outpatient intensive care provider, and also part of the Advent portfolio. DFG-Bonitas explained it was urgently attempting to meet demand for an additional 3,600 liters of hand sanitizer every month, which allnex has now pledged to donate.
The first batch of hand sanitizer destined for DFG-Bonitas – a total of 260 kg – was manufactured, packaged and made ready for shipment on April 1. Internationally, seven further allnex sites have started formulating hand sanitizer both to meet the needs of its employees and donate to local community organizations.
In another initiative, allnex leadership has created a dedicated team to organize a donation plan for its biggest sites to take action in their communities. As part of this plan, each site controls dedicated funds to donate to a local small business of its choice that has been severely economically impacted by the pandemic.
allnex is a leading producer of coating resins and additives for architectural, industrial, protective, automotive and special purpose coatings and inks. With 33 manufacturing facilities, 23 research and technology support centers and five joint ventures, the Group serves customers in over 100 countries.

Harnessing the expertise of the Advent portfolio to help beat Covid-19

Medical research is key to beating Covid-19 – and we’re proud that Advent companies are supporting in every way they can. Whether it’s Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions sequencing Covid-19 samples, Bharat Serums and Vaccines Limited getting to work on lifesaving treatments, or the top-class research happening at BioDuro and Grupo SOMAR, we’ll play our part in fighting this global pandemic. 

Grupo BIG helps those impacted by Covid-19

Brazilian retail giant supports food-bank network with fundraising drive and comedy event.

Tons of products provided
Grupo BIG, Brazil’s third-biggest retailer, is helping Mesa Brasil Sesc, Amigos do Bem and Rede de Banco de Alimentos do Rio Grande do Sul charities supply basic products for the nation’s most vulnerable people.
Grupo BIG has launched the ´Atitudes BIG` platform in order to support those most affected by the economic impact of Covid-19 and is encouraging customers to donate at its 400-plus outlets across the country. It has also provided more than 300 tons of basic products for the organizations itself.
Customers can easily contribute by scanning the QR code on display throughout stores or at the check-outs. It has also pledged to add an additional 10% to employee donations to these charities. The company has also supported Risadaria em Casa, a special “home edition live” of the popular Brazilian comedy festival that also raised money for the initiative.
Grupo BIG is among the largest food retailers in Brazil, with stores across 18 states and the Federal District. The group’s brands include BIG and BIG Bompreço hypermarkets, Super Bompreço and Nacional supermarkets, Maxxi Atacado for trade sales, warehouse chain Sam’s Club, and neighborhood stores under the TodoDia name.

Definitive Healthcare – mining data to predict coronavirus hotspots

Company’s interactive map mitigates risk of emergency units being overrun by patients.

Portfolio company Definitive Healthcare is a trusted source for accurate data, intelligence and analytics on the healthcare provider market. Its product suite provides comprehensive, high-quality data for 2,500 clients, supplying them with the information needed to effectively segment and research the market.
When the coronavirus hit the US, Definitive Healthcare recognized it had a unique ability to create insightful analytics and empower good decision making. The company combined its proprietary ICU and ventilator data with public information about population distribution, Covid-19 cases, and Covid-19 testing to create a valuable new tool: The Covid-19 Capacity Predictor.
The Capacity Predictor uses epidemiological information on the spread of the virus, combined with modeled growth functions, to predict the number of severe cases, and thus demand for medical resources.
Matching its projections of demand with its proprietary data on the supply of ICU beds and ventilators available, the Covid-19 Capacity Predictor dashboard can zero in on a state or county and project the number of days until current resources in the healthcare system are maxed out.  
If they chose to use it, the data enables Public officials at all levels of government – as well as healthcare organizations providing the beds and ventilators –  to make swift judgments on where to channel additional resources to where they are likely to be most needed.
Definitive Healthcare is headquartered in Framingham, Massachusetts.

Integer puts weight behind Covid-19 projects throughout Poland

Parcels group gives funding and logistics support to initiatives helping medics and children.

Face masks donated to 18 Polish hospitals, a portfolio company in Poland, is supporting a range of programs that focus on the needs of medical professionals across the country, as well as underprivileged children and young people.
Lack of personal protective equipment has proved to be a problem in Poland, as in many countries impacted by Covid-19. The parcels group, which owns the prominent InPost brand, has so far donated 109,000 face masks to 18 Polish hospitals. Integer has provided logistics support to the #poMOCnaMaseczka initiative, aimed at purchasing ventilators for the County Hospital in Myślenice and the children’s ward at the Stefan Żeromski Specialist Hospital in Kraków.
The company has also provided logistics support to the #DrukarzeDlaSzpitali program, supplying 200 free deliveries and cardboard boxes to the initiative, in which volunteers have produced protective equipment on their own 3D printers. Integer has also offered delivery support to engineers attempting to produce a new ventilator using 3D printing techniques, under the VentilAid concept.
To aid the Polish medical system effectively triage patients, including those with possible Covid-19, mobile admissions areas, called CareBoxes, have been designed. These mobile units are safe, sterile spaces that allow health professionals to receive patients without putting themselves at risk, and are invaluable to hospitals and medical facilities that operate on a limited budget. InPost has committed to fully fund one of the 10 planned CareBoxes, which will be up and running in early May.
Two initiatives to help children through school closures have received Integer’s support. While lessons have moved online, not all pupils have access to computers. The #DajżeKompa program has been fighting digital exclusion, urging people to donate their unused computer equipment to children in need.
To promote a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition, Integer has become involved in the Foundation’s initiative to deliver healthy snacks to disadvantaged children. The company has funded 50 free packages, each containing around 12 healthy products, during the lockdown. is the largest operator of parcel locker networks in Europe. In Poland, Integer provides locker and to-door delivery and logistics services for e-commerce.

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