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Delivering essential protective equipment to where it’s needed most

Getting personal protective equipment (PPE) to frontline workers is one of the biggest challenges in the fight against Covid-19 – and Advent portfolio companies have been using their expertise and resources to do everything they can to help.
From logistical support to developing entirely new printing and manufacturing techniques, we’re proud of the work being done by Rubix, InPost, INNIO Group, Estácio Amazonas, Röhm and many more to ensure those working to keep us safe have the protection they need.

Culligan’s international teams spearhead multiple initiatives to tackle Covid-19

Water solutions company responds to the pandemic in the USA, Europe and the Middle East.

Franchise dealers around the world
Culligan has risen to the challenge of ensuring good sanitation during the coronavirus pandemic.
In France, where Paris hospitals have been coping with an influx of Covid-19 patients to intensive care, technicians have been performing vital service visits to critical installations and units that are essential to saving lives to ensure they have sufficient clean water. Culligan staff is also helping to ensure production of hydroalcoholic gel – a product essential for effective, hygienic hand-washing – by servicing the reverse osmosis units in the plant where it is produced.
Making stay-at-home orders easier, some Culligan delivery drivers in Austria have been able to deliver twice as many water bottles as usual to their residential customers. A further initiative of the Austrian office has been to promote a do-it-yourself sanitation kit to commercial clients.
Culligan takes its responsibility to communities seriously. In the United States, Culligan’s local dealership in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is the emergency water provider for all hospitals and nursing homes. These critically important facilities have been receiving priority treatment, ensuring they are the first to receive the water they need.
In Dubai, Culligan holds a license to produce detergents and disinfectants. The local team was able to dilute one of the company’s established products for disinfecting water and use it to create hand sanitizer. This disinfectant product, in turn, is being used to disinfect offices and locations in the field. The hand sanitizer has been offered free of charge to Culligan employees and is being made available to customers for use in airports, supermarkets and healthcare facilities. 
Headquartered in Rosemont, Illinois, USA, Culligan is a world leader in delivering water solutions to improve the lives of its customers. The company produces technologically advanced water filtration and treatment products, including water softeners, drinking water systems, whole-house systems and solutions for businesses. Culligan’s network of franchise dealers is the largest in the world, with more than 900 dealers across its international locations.

Manjushree distributes food and hygiene products in India

Manjushree repurposes production lines to focus on sanitizer and donates food to migrant labourers.

Sanitizer bottles donated
Manjsuhree is India’s leading designer and manufacturer of plastic packaging. When the Coronavirus hit and the need for sanitizing products became apparent, the company immediately repurposed its production lines across the country to focus on the manufacture of the bottles needed for hand sanitizer. The company has also partnered with the local authorities in the areas in which it operates to supply sanitizer bottles to local communities. In Bommasandra alone, an area close to its main production facility, the company donated 10,000 bottles for distribution in the local area.
As well as helping in the drive to provide sanitizer bottles, the company has embarked on a countrywide series of Covid-19 initiatives which includes the distribution of more than 1,000kg of emergency food aid to deprived communities across its operations.
To help its local communities in other ways, a donation from Manjushree’s plants in Amritsar, Punjab and Pantnagar and Uttarakhand, has helped the Red Cross provide sanitisers, essential medical aid and N95 masks to care givers in local hospitals.
Manjushree is the Indian leader in the rigid plastic packaging space today, with a network of advanced design and production facilities across the Sub-Continent serving every fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) vertical.

Aimbridge opens its doors for healthcare heroes

Hotel group releases the pressure by opening its global estate up to house frontline healthcare workers.


Hotel rooms in Moscow dedicated to accommodating doctors

Aimbridge Hospitality is the world’s largest third-party management company with a global portfolio of 1,400 properties. Aimbridge manages properties in the US and around the globe which are now providing housing for healthcare workers and first responders. They are working differently and leveraging their scale to partner with national contractors to house doctors and nurses serving on the front lines of this pandemic. From New York City to Los Angeles, their hotels across the US are providing a respite for healthcare workers.
In the UK, 35 properties remain open to support key workers’ accommodation needs. For example, the Holiday Inn Express London Excel is supporting the first NHS Nightingale – a temporary hospital – to accommodate doctors and nurses. The corporate team has also embarked on a fundraising initiative to support the NHS Charities Together.
The corporate team has also embarked on a Seven hotels in Moscow have over 1,400 guestrooms dedicated to accommodating doctors. In greater New York City, Aimbridge recently fully dedicated two hotels to house traveling nurses and doctors working on the frontline of healthcare with many other area hotels supporting healthcare workers and first responders.

INNIO works to keep vital systems powered up and running

Company focuses its operations on supporting civil society during coronavirus crisis.


Printers used to manufacture protective visors

In the fight against Covid-19, Advent portfolio company INNIO has pledged to deliver and support critical infrastructure throughout the world.
INNIO is a leading producer of gas engines used on or near the site of use, or as backup to essential systems. While the pandemic persists, the company is focusing on keeping vital infrastructure running – such as ensuring the reciprocating engines are up and running to supply power to public health, safety and national security systems.
After its global crisis management team was activated at the end of January 2020, the company brought in new guidelines to protect employees at its locations in Austria, the USA and Canada – including physical distancing, separate shift working and enhanced sanitation procedures. This enabled INNIO to keep all three plants safely open.
Volunteers in Jenbach, Austria, where the company is headquartered, have provided tireless support for Covid-19 mitigation initiatives. When a Tyrolean daily newspaper made an urgent appeal for safety equipment for local medical facilities, the company quickly responded.
The Manufacturing Components Team, together with the training workshop, used 3D printers to manufacture protective visors. This equipment was donated to social and care organizations in the area including a retirement home in Jenbach; social services provider, Sozialsprengel Jenbach; children’s care home, Elisabethinum Axams; a women’s shelter in Schwaz; and nursing service, MOHI Innsbruck.
INNIO is a leading solutions provider of gas engines, power equipment, a digital platform and related services for power generation and gas compression at or near the point of use. Its portfolio of industrial gas engines generates 200kW to 10MW of power globally across a range of industries, and its service network has a presence in more than 100 countries. As well as Jenbach, Austria, the company has primary operations in Welland, Ontario, Canada, and Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA.

AccentCare deploys comprehensive plan to safeguard employees and patients

Rapid Covid-19 response enabled AccentCare to better protect patients, caregivers and staff.

Staff provided training to identify symptoms
Advent portfolio company AccentCare has mounted a strong response to the Covid-19 crisis, with efforts aimed at safeguarding its staff and all its patients and service users.
Thanks to AccentCare’s emergency planning, the home healthcare services provider was able to quickly tackle the challenge of procuring personal protective equipment for staff – an industry-wide concern at a time of international shortage.
To ensure supplies are available where they are needed most, AccentCare performed a system-wide inventory of its supplies and instituted a new system to move equipment to wherever it is in demand. Plans are in place to procure additional provisions from non-traditional sources, such as suppliers to industrial and waste-management companies, ensuring patients and caregivers will continue to be protected.
Under a new AccentCare protocol, unplanned exposure is mitigated for both caregivers and patients. First, caregivers are obliged to perform and document a self-symptom check before visiting patients. Second, to ensure that caregivers enter the home with proper precautions, three levels of screenings and attestations prior to each home visit are performed, collecting relevant information about travel, potential local exposure, and symptoms.
As part of its emergency response, the company launched a campaign to train all 25,000 of its care professionals to identify these symptoms, to disinfect surfaces, to properly wash their hands and to use personal protective equipment.
AccentCare is also helping to alleviate strain on hospitals by working with health systems to take in Covid-19 patient discharges, freeing up valuable beds.
In its support for employees, AccentCare leads the home health industry by example. Frontline clinical staff, as part of the Covid-19 Response Team, receive enhanced pay stipends, as well as, any who test positive for the virus are offered a $2,000 indemnity benefit, a medical out of pocket benefit and incremental paid time off. Also, leadership established a transparent, regular communication cadence to all employees, sending daily emails from CEO Steve Rodgers, texts, video, and web resources. Steve’s first employee video, filmed at Covid’s onset, can be found here. Through accountable communication, AccentCare has hardwired the commitment to “meet the challenge, together.”
AccentCare brought the voice of its caregivers forward, to elevate understanding of Covid while reinforcing its cultural values. The digital video series Real Talk, Real Care features the voice of frontline nurses, therapists, chaplains, and care partners. During these short interviews, AccentCare’s caregivers reflect on their personal Call to Purpose as well as their recent experiences serving Covid-19 patients.
On a local scale, employees have been encouraged to take even small steps to improve service users’ lives. Texas Home Health, an AccentCare subsidiary that provides services for seniors throughout the state, sent staff to Mayberry Gardens Senior Home in Denton to stage a piano singalong from the parking lot, which residents could watch from their windows. Similar heart-warming, media-attracting scenes have played out all across AccentCare’s markets.

Uniting to help relieve the pressure on the world’s hospitals

Advent portfolio companies around the world are doing all they can to help in the fight against Covid-19 – using their expertise and resources to support the incredible efforts of healthcare workers everywhere. Here we look at the important work being done by Aimbridge Hospitality, Serta Simmons Bedding, LLC and Deutsche Fachpflege Gruppe.

Syneos Health, Inc. calls up medics to boost virus testing

Syneos Health, Inc. recruits volunteers to help identify coronavirus infections around the world.

Employees providing frontline support
Syneos Health, Inc. a global biopharmaceutical solutions organization, is answering the UK Government’s appeal for volunteers to support Covid-19 testing.
The company is enabling clinically-qualified employees to volunteer to perform throat and nasal swabs at the testing stations being established throughout the UK. The program is being led by Syneos Health, Inc. Chief Executive Officer, Alistair Macdonald and supported by the Association of Clinical Research Organizations (ACRO) – the Washington, DC-based body that represents the leading players in the industry.
Syneos Health, Inc. has extended the volunteer program internationally, enabling medical professionals in countries around the globe to participate in Covid-19 support efforts. The company’s 24,000 employees, including doctors, nurses, infectious disease experts, lab technicians and other professionals with frontline healthcare expertise who can provide expertise at this time.
The volunteer program follows Syneos Health, Inc’s. Ventilator Initiative, a public-service program designed to spread awareness of the invasive use of Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure (BiPAP) devices. These can be used as a bridging measure to treat patients on an emergency basis, helping to address the predicted shortage of mechanical ventilators.
Already available in many hospitals, BiPAP machines can delay or remove the need for mechanical ventilation. To educate frontline healthcare providers about their use, the company has mobilized clinical and commercial leaders from across the organization – including specialists in infectious diseases, respiratory medicine, critical care, medical education and training. Information for healthcare professionals is available at
Headquartered in North Carolina, USA, Syneos Health, Inc. is the only fully integrated biopharmaceutical solutions organization. It supports customers in more than 110 countries – sharing insights, using the latest technologies, and applying advanced business practices to expedite its customers’ delivery of important therapies to patients.

YDUQS steps up online courses to ensure continuity for students

In order to alleviate the pressure on students during the quarantine period, Brazilian education leader YDUQS is offering a selection of free online education courses.

Full scholarships / special grants supported
YDUQS is the second-largest further education company in Brazil with more than 300,000 students spread across 59 campuses. The company has undertaken a number of initiatives under its core Estácio brand to ensure continuity during this period of unprecedented disruption for students.
Economic Support 
Estácio recently announced a total of 20,000 full scholarships and another 20,000 special funding grants for its Rio de Janeiro state students. It is amongst the most comprehensive and bold education support programs in the country to date, and it has established the baseline for a nation-wide dialogue among universities, students and their families. The special program was conceived and designed to benefit those who need it the most – students in exposed financial conditions and those that have lost their jobs due to the current crisis. 
Open Courses 
Proactively mitigating the harsh economic conditions and rising unemployment Brazil is likely to face in the next months, Estácio is offering 30+ free online courses for those who want to spend part of their quarantine improving their professional and technical skills. The courses were directly extracted from the company’s last-generation undergraduate program portfolio. Participating in these free online courses also provides a sustainable way to overcome social restrictions and isolation. More than 125,000 users are already enrolled. 
Digital Internship and Other Benefits
In a further effort to help people into jobs, Estácio has rerouted several of its career options to digital channels, allowing students to apply via online recruitment processes. At this point, the institution is offering nearly 1,000 internship offers per week. Estácio has also negotiated preferential deals with 4G and hardware providers to ensure students have the necessary resources to attend online classes. 
Resolve Sim
Estácio has teamed up with Eleva Educação, another leading Brazilian education provider, to launch Resolve Sim, an online education platform for final-year students preparing to go to university. The advanced digital learning platform comprises 48 full lessons in eight key knowledge areas and is intended to serve over one million students. 
Formou Esperança
Formou Esperança is a social movement designed to carry messages of hope to millions of people across Brazil and the rest of the world. It was launched in spectacular fashion with messages of hope projected on to the Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer), Rio de Janeiro’s most iconic symbol. The project also includes a series of local initiatives, including the distribution of food and basic hygiene items to deprived communities in Brazil.

Cobham technology opens new fronts in the fight against Covid-19

British aerospace company Cobham, a part of the Advent community, is heavily committed to the global fight against Covid-19.


Manufacturing capacity for ventilator regulator units per day

Cobham has been able to redeploy its aerospace expertise to successfully modify the hardware used for oxygen systems in military aircraft to create an air pressure regulator.
This regulator can be used in a ventilator system to precisely control the flow of oxygen to the patient. Working with a UK-based consortium – and subject to regulatory approval – Cobham has the capacity to manufacture up to 1,000 of these regulator units each day, helping to alleviate the current shortage of ventilators in UK hospitals.
In addition, Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions has announced increased requests for specialized circuits technology which can be used in the rapid analysis of coronavirus samples and in helping to diagnose and treat coronavirus patients within hospital wards and intensive care units.
The Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) produced by Cobham are proving vital in uncovering the secrets of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes Covid-19. These circuits are an essential component in the devices being used to discover the genomic sequence of the virus, producing important insights into how it is transmitted and the ways in which it can evolve over time.
ASICs are also used by a leading provider of computed tomography (CT) scanners, which are relied upon in hospitals across the world to help with the diagnosis of respiratory conditions. The company has recently noted an increase of almost a third in the demand for its medical ASIC products.
Cobham is global leader in defence, space and aerospace technology, headquartered in the United Kingdom.

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