The team in Luxembourg has decided to back two local charities from the Advent Global Relief Fund.

Medical centers in Luxembourg funded by our donation
The Covid-19 Foundation is part of the Fondation de Luxembourg and was launched specifically to direct support to Covid-19 emergency relief projects in Luxembourg. The Advent commitment will be specifically directed at two initiatives. The first is the provision of urgently needed protective Tyvek 600+ full bodysuits to healthcare workers fighting Covid-19 on the frontline in Luxembourg. The second part of our donation will be used to help fund the staff and running costs of two medical centers in Luxembourg.  
We are also making a commitment to the Fondation Caritas Luxembourg, a charity that cares for vulnerable people in Luxembourg including single parent families, deprived youths, migrants and refugees and those that are struggling financially or homeless. At this time of added peril for the most precarious in our society, Caritas will continue to focus its efforts on those with the greatest need.